Monday, November 2, 2015


Oh for the love of god, now they want to shoot down our sense of humor too? Even at the rate of one new ban every day, who though it would eventually come down on the timeless Santa- Banta jokes! A new petition has gone to the Supreme Court to ban all Sardarji jokes, as they are “a violation of their right to equality with fellow citizens and an attack on the dignity of the community”.

Anybody in the know of even a single Sardarji would vouch for the fact that they are a happy lot that can take far more than these silly jibes in a stride. So the new ‘concern’ came as quite a shock. But in the wake of deteriorating national tolerance towards every sneeze and hiccup heard above the permissible sound limit, why should just the Sardarjis take a back seat? Even if, by this logic, all the Mallus, Gujjus, Biharis and Bongs follow suit and get all touchy about jokes on their respective stereotypes. Prohibition is the trend. Be it beef, porn or alternative perspectives on religious or societal beliefs. And it seems to work every time! So why not!

Have you ever wondered as to why we do it? Actually, who are we afraid of? Why does it matter so much that somebody does things differently than you? Have food different from yours? Looks at things differently? Dress differently? Isn’t it enough that they don’t force you into their ways? Why force them into yours? Wasn’t diversity a part of all the fun in living? Yet we are hell bent on beating the twisted twigs straight. And these days the so called beating are happening at the drop of a hat and way too often. So down in the doldrums are our tolerance for others’ taste and preferences, that at the very sight of a slight difference in opinion we file a petition to ban the behavior. Whatever happened to the venerable maxim ‘live and let live’? As if philosophy could change a disease, right?

The show runners of our country are obviously encouraging a gigantic psychological disorder the head doctors sweetly associate with raging control freaks- a sickness that prompt them to use power and pressure over others and manipulate them to change so as to avoid having to change themselves- in brief, ‘my way or the highway’, and today, the intolerance is on an all time high. Every day a new ban is restricting our freedom a little bit more, and we are slowly moving towards the point were everything is pretty much going to be illegal. The damage with which this 'Ban'ger has been defacing the general idea of our freedom is going way beyond help.

As is to be understood from the diverse spectrum of various bans in all possible existing areas that has cropped over time, these interfering urges are not just because of the relentless messiah-complex to make the world a better place for our kids by screening evil. More often than not they are clearly cheered by the vested interests of various groups to fulfill their political ambitions, however deeply rooted within our faiths and values they make them seem. This they gain by exploiting our insecurities and fear of change, which we have in abundance. That we have been successful one too many times in banning things has also encouraged this tattle-tail behavior that once back in kindergarten cheered us to tell on our friend who was having all the fun we didn’t dare to. If it was easy to stop heeding to these petitions arising from conservatism, things would have been simple. But constitutional right to freedom of speech goes both ways. And everybody deserves to be heard (only, not taken seriously). If at all there was a way to distinguish between these meaningless pleas and the real valid ones!

However, ever since it has been life threatening to eat beef, no news on human intolerance seems silly after all.
Without the Santa-Banta jokes, I guess, we’ll learn to live eventually.


  1. We are becoming a nation of sad people with a Narcissus as our leader

  2. I get that this is satire, but won't be surprised if it actually happens - and that makes it all the more worse.
    And I agree with Tomichan's comment.
    Hard times.


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