Thursday, November 21, 2013


For months on end I was in hiding in that watery refuge, pathetically submerged from the falcon eyes of my faceless enemies and helplessly listening to them plotting my murder, their identity baffling me every second of my existence, when my mother, using all her charm and cunning, delayed their attempts, as powerless as she was to suspend their scheme in whole, till a point one scorching afternoon, I was startled by a deafening scream, which I instantly recognized as my mother’s, followed by a mayhem that emptied the water leaving me in the absolute void of the dark choking in the shit and piss I myself released in the sudden panic, subsequent to which I freed myself from that dehydrated asylum, and in doing so I came slipping down her thighs to a loathsome world surrounded by wolves that were my grandparents and uncles, eager to eat me alive still sustaining loud their decision to exterminate the new illegitimate birth in the family, especially because it was held high as a fashion in the village to consider it a disgrace for a white woman to breed with a brown-skinned native. 


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  1. i like is like a more elaborate version of your earlier one-liner....the womb! This is good..:)


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