Saturday, June 29, 2013

TOP TEN TV SERIES you must watch before you croak!

10. Breaking Bad

One of the major highlights of this high-octane crime drama is the chemistry between the very odd lead pair. It is interesting at various levels. It’s suspenseful, its outlandish, its reckless, and it manages it all being not formulaic. Below all that nail-biting uncertainty of criminal activity and meth lab, the show addresses a man's continual descend into corruption on a very serious note. It has some great performances by the leads as well the supporting cast.

09. Madmen

Smart, sexy and suave; three words to describe this period drama set in the dog-eat-dog world of 1960’s ad agencies. One of the best productions with an eye for detail and visuals, Mad Men deals with, among other things, sexual dynamics at workplace as well as sexual and racial inequality from the recent past, along with universal themes like adultery and professional rivalry. The much talked about historical authenticity extends to the cover of a random cereal box in the kitchen cabinetry to the toy carried by the passerby’s baby. Madmen is, to brief it up in a word, a lifestyle.

08. Entourage

Many have panned this show as The Sex and The City for men. But the resemblance, if any, stops with the façade. It definitely has all the girls, and sleeping around, and celebrities, and what-not of showbiz! But Entourage stands out for its clever script and the ultimate male bonding that it depicts above the glitz and glamor of Hollywood lifestyle. The life of a superstar is dealt here with candor and panache presented with some quality humor. Watch out for the performance of Jeremy Piven as the outrageously cracked agent Ari Gold.

07. Freaks and Geeks

The best teen drama on TV to which the likes of The OC, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl doesn’t hold a candle to. There is not another series that drew out the realistic sketch of the absurdities of teenage and the poignant picture of the uncertainties of those years. It was honest, affecting and charming. Only that, by the time the world realized it, the show was cancelled. It starred James Franco, Jason Segal and Seth Rogan before they became what they are today.

06. Friday Night Lights

This is the kind of series you go and become a fan of. American football is at the heart of the show as well as the small fictional town the events are set in. It shows the dynamics of a small-city living and explores the psychology that works behind team sports. Although the shaky camera might give some viewers serious motion-sickness, it only adds on to the nervousness that you attribute to the uncertainties of the narrative. And you don’t have to know anything about or love football to like this show 'cause there is not a dull moment in it.

05. Deadwood

An epic that was a western and a western that was a TV series. On a larger picture, Deadwood is an insight into the formation of a community. But fragmented, it is an ode to what contributes to form the complex idea called human nature. In a world swarming with gunslingers, gold miners and whores, innovative dialogues bedecked with profanities and meaty characters are sure to keep you hooked. Ian McShane as Al Swearengen is the performance of a lifetime that is a delight to watch and one of the best that ever happened to TV. Vigorously raw and as real as it gets, go have it if you are truly in the mood for some real style.

04. Sopranos

Real people, real places and real situations. Regarded by many as the greatest TV series of all time, The Sopranos is the story of an Italian-American mobster, his family and the crime ring he operates. The high point of the show is not the subject matter; it is the high-end technicalities that keep this work in par with near-perfection. It is a wholesome package with profound artistic merit. At the same time as being grounded, it has its fair share of twists and turns to keep up with the glands.

03. Six Feet Under

The setting is dazzlingly morbid. The characters, wildly original. And the humor darkly menacing and enjoyable. One of the earliest TV series that took its job seriously, Six Feet Under is the complicated journey of a dysfunctional family through times that never stops to be tough for them. Having to deal with death on a day-to-day basis can sound dismally monotonous but the quirky Fischer family that runs the funeral home never lets a damn thing go uneventful. Great writing and impeccable casting had every bit to contribute to the success of the five-season run of the series. It’s one crazy ride from beginning to end, that you surely will remember long after you are done.

02. Oz

The complex wonderland of HBO’s Oz, the boundary-breaking prison drama is one of the boldest series ever to have graced the TV screens, both due to its shocking content and its incredibly provocative characters. In addition to the uniqueness and the human side of the twisted array of psychopaths, serial killers, cannibals and rapists, the show’s consistency is what brings it this high up in the pick. When you start with it, all you know is that, you are getting sucked into a strange vortex of the devices of evil, but the extend of madness it has in store for you will only gradually unravel, shocking and amusing you, at the same time, every step. Top class writing and incredible performances. Creativity at it’s best and entertainment is a given.

01. The Wire

The law, crime ring and the corruption in the city of Baltimore is the pretext. There has not been another series that dealt with sociopolitical issues in an urban context with this amount of uncompromising commitment to realism before. Those who have issues tackling the Baltimore slang might have a little difficulty picking up, as there has been no concession done in that area either. The powerful exploration of the plight of the urban poor, the rightful depiction of the minds behind the law and the resonant writing earns a salute. The Wire is hardcore and deserves to be watched. There has to be some reason as to why it ended up here! Check out!

Now for the tail end of the list...

13. 24

TRUE DETECTIVE & HOUSE OF CARDS have just begun, but seems very promising…


  1. Oh I watch BBT and Boston Legals sometime..they r good...

  2. Why, I'd recommend HOUSE M.D. too! It maybe a medical thriller, but the character development, especially that of Dr. Gregoory House and his famoous sarcasm, is irreplaceable! Do watch it.


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